3D cartoon "Jumper"

3D animation is the pinnacle of animation because it requires a lot more skill and is really hard to do. We need a whole team of professionals who are in love with their work, ready to work hard and hard. Here is one of the examples of full-length cartoons created by our studio:

On the lawn near an old house, in search of treasure, a gang of locusts is operating, led by a ruthless Boss. He has a part of the map, which shows a lawn with a buried treasure. But they are not alone in seeking this treasure. The petty swindler and fidget grasshopper Skok is the happy owner of the second part of the card. When trying to negotiate with the Boss and share the treasure, Skok finds himself without a map and with bruises.

And here the story is just beginning, full of adventures, ridiculous situations and funny moments. Dap is saved by the caterpillar Chatterbox and after another trouble, a praying mantis, nicknamed Mozgoed, also falls on his head. Skok, who already has enough problems, is bound hand and foot by new friends: on the one hand, a caterpillar whose mouth does not close, on the other, a praying mantis periodically falling into a stupor.

The trio, pursued by a gang of locusts, face dangerous adventures that lead to their treasure hunt. Will it be possible to bypass the Boss and his henchmen and find treasures?


- Animation: 3D.

- Software: 3D Maya.

3D animation allows us to discover that unknown and fabulous world that is hidden from us in everyday life. And immerse yourself in it with admiration watching what is happening.