Animated series «Duck tooth»

Our animation studio "Media Foundation" has helped children and many adults stop being afraid of dentists. For the network of children's dental clinics, we created the animated series "Duck tooth", which tells in a fun and accessible way about the most terrible procedure for children - dental treatment and oral care.

Doctor Duck tooth loves children very much and is friends with them. Each of the children is in a hurry to share their joy: a new tooth has erupted or the pain has stopped. Only in the park where Dr. Duck tooth walked, there was one sad boy. He didn't want ice cream or play in the sandbox and was very sad. The doctor could not leave the baby and wanted to help him. As it turned out, vicious stomatitis settled in the child's mouth and did not want to leave. Our brave Duck tooth told the baby and his parents that stomatitis is not so terrible and often occurs in babies. They love to taste everything, even inedible objects! When you know why it hurts, it's not so scary to be treated - Duck tooth and the boy defeated stomatitis together, and the kid learned not to put dirty hands in his mouth.


- Animation: 2D.

- Method: translation.

- Software: Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects.

We are fans of 2D animation in different techniques and styles.

Our talented team of animation maniacs enjoy pulling off the stunts using animated backgrounds and jarring, impossible camera moves that spin the viewer in and out of the action. Flash shots, lines of speed and graphic patterns emphasize movement at key points.