2D animated series "Cracked"

Episode 1 - Trescurius

An example of a cartoon that is used for promotional purposes to draw attention to a company. An interesting story about a funny and sweet people - the Sticks, who lived in a distant galaxy on the planet Trescury. In their world, everything was arranged, as in ours. Almost. Instead of machines, they used super-fast capsules, shaped more like eggs. So that residents do not confuse them with each other, a portrait of the owner was depicted on each transport. And instead of pets, Prilipal had incredible plants, some of which had simply an unprecedented appetite.

They lived cheerfully and amicably, in complete harmony with themselves, the world around them and the population of other planets. Everyone did their favorite thing and found free time for a hobby. Until one day a catastrophe happened ... A comet crashed into their planet. The celestial body was so large, and its blow was so crushing, that the Sticky were forced to urgently jump into their capsules and leave their home planet as soon as possible.

The planet Treskury shattered into tiny fragments, shaped like orange eggs. What should Plipalam do now?


- Animation: 2D.

- Method: translation.

- Software: Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects.

We are fans of 2D animation in different techniques and styles.

Our talented team of animation maniacs enjoy pulling off the stunts using animated backgrounds and jarring, impossible camera moves that spin the viewer in and out of the action. Flash shots, lines of speed and graphic patterns emphasize movement at key points.