2D animated series "Cracked"

Episode 4 - Way to Earth

An example of a cartoon that is used for promotional purposes to draw attention to a company. An interesting story about a funny and sweet people - the Sticks, who lived in a distant galaxy on the planet Trescury. They lived cheerfully and amicably, in complete harmony with themselves, the world around them and the population of other planets. Until one day a catastrophe happened ... a comet crashing into the planet split the Trescuria into many orange fragments.

Left in space, the Sticky decided to find all the pieces and restore their beloved planet. They flew around many planets, collected almost all of them, but the last four decided to play and now they are all flying together to an unknown planet.

Suddenly, the shuttle's engine fails and in the most unexpected way, all the rescued and found parts of Trescuria leave the ship and rush to the nearest planet. The Stickies hurriedly follow them and end up on planet Earth. Everything seems familiar, only the people seem to be giants. The heroes found one fragment, but did not have time to save it. A boy who was playing with a dog in the park found and mistook an orange piece of the planet for an artifact.

The Adherents have no choice but to follow them!


- Animation: 2D.

- Method: translation.

- Software: Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects.

We are fans of 2D animation in different techniques and styles.

Our talented team of animation maniacs enjoy pulling off the stunts using animated backgrounds and jarring, impossible camera moves that spin the viewer in and out of the action. Flash shots, lines of speed and graphic patterns emphasize movement at key points.