Creation of animated promotional videos

Did you know that a commercial has only 1.5 seconds to grab attention? Modern people, and especially Internet users, have the so-called "banner blindness", they simply stop noticing. It is animation that helps to catch and hold the viewer's attention, because it is not a static image and not a simple promotional video. This is something new, where you can create anything and creatively present a product or service. Animation has much more potential and opportunities to be remembered, it is always different and unique!

Advertising animation has no limits: even a washing machine can tell about its benefits, and breakfast stars can visit Mars. Therefore, advertising animation is gaining momentum and is successfully used in various promotional campaigns to promote a brand, product or service. Our studio "Media Osnova" even created promotional animated mini-series to attract visitors to the stores.

The steps for creating an animated promotional video are identical to creating 2D or 3D animation. Although the commercial has its own characteristics.


Concept and scenario

The screenwriter writes the story and plot of the video. Locations, characters, phrases or voice-over. The script should create a picture in your head of how the video will look like. The purpose of advertising is also prescribed (the first difference from the cartoon): brand awareness, viral advertising, promotion of a specific product. The effect for the target audience, ways to attract attention are indicated. The second difference is that advertising text or conversations are more often built according to one of the sales marketing schemes or consumer psychology, for example, AIDA, TOTE.

Character Creation

There is a creation of sketches, coordination and drawing of the characters of the video. Often the heroes of animated advertising are real people. Then the animators transfer photos of people and create a realistic and cartoon-like image.

Storyboard and animatic

The storyboard helps the cartoon to get the first visual incarnation and understand how everything will look in the end. It looks more like a black-and-white comic (but there are also color, schematic and clearly drawn ones, depending on the complexity of the cartoon and storyboard tasks), where each frame is one scene. Animatic turns static pictures from a storyboard into primary animation to understand the actions in the picture, the interaction of characters, scene changes and camera movements, as well as the distribution of time intervals of the entire cartoon.

Creating locations and backgrounds, recording music and voice acting

Based on the storyboard, the artists create backgrounds and locations where the action of the animated video will take place, select the color scheme for each detail. Since this is a commercial, it often carries the colors, attributes, and style of the advertised company. This is one of the ways to attract the attention of a potential client if the purpose of advertising is brand awareness. Any visual details are agreed upon and added according to the customer's specifications.

Music or voice acting may be created by a composer and recorded in a studio, or corporate recordings of music and the company's official "voice" may be used.


Animation and editing

The final and main stage of creating an animated commercial. Based on the draft animatic, animators begin to create color animation with already drawn characters, work out all the interactions in the plot. This stage can be considered the most difficult, because it is important not only to place the hero in the location, but to “revive” him in the frame, make smooth movements, correct interaction with other heroes and objects. At the same time, musical accompaniment, sound effects, recording of voice acting of characters are created. Next comes the compositing and final editing of the scenes, the imposition of voice and music.


Control finalization of the video, adding elements, controlling the soundtrack, checking the timing. Synchronization of video and audio series.