Creation of animated series

Our animation studio "Media Foundation" creates not only single-episode cartoons. We have experience in creating animated series and series of animated films united by one idea. Animated series differ from cartoons (even if they have 2 or 3 parts) in the presence of a storyline, which usually develops from series to series. Also, the series are united by the same heroes who interact with each other every series. Animated videos connected by one idea can also be called an animated series, but they have a different purpose.

Typically, animated series are ordered by various production studios, TV channels or private companies to create entertainment media content and to promote brands. We created animated series for TV channels, Youtube bloggers, promotional animated series for the largest retail chains and global brands. You can see some of our work in the Portfolio on the website.

We cope with tasks of various levels, because this is creativity, which means it is very interesting! Choose: 2D or 3D, simple or complex, any technique and style of performance. You will get the one animated series you need. We also voice cartoons in any other languages and adapt animation for other countries so that it looks holistic and harmonious. And we will always help to distribute and promote your cartoon on the Internet or even on TV.

Our creative team of professionals is working to make sure you get a great animated series. And here's how it's done:

1 Screenplay and characters

The script is the basis of the future animated series. The concept is clearly written here, all the storylines and twists, everything is written down, even the smallest actions of the characters. Each scene is prescribed separately with a description of the locations, time of day, scenery, musical accompaniment. Also, characters are written in the script, from the description of which the artists and animators should get a complete visual image of each of the characters. It is important to describe in detail the appearance, character, mood.

2 Character drawing and storyboarding

Then the director, artists and animators start working. Their task is to visualize what is written in the script. Sketches of 1-3 variants of each character are created, the best ones are selected and finalized, turning into a finished animation model. Next comes the storyboard. She helps the cartoon get its first visual incarnation and understand how everything will look like in the end. It looks more like a black and white comic, where each frame is one scene.

3 Creating backgrounds

Based on the storyboard, the artists create backgrounds and locations where the action of the cartoon will take place, and select the color scheme for each detail. Illustrators-artists draw the background in color, draw all the locations and objects in the scenes.

4 Animatic

Before starting the animatic, we record the voice acting of the characters' dialogues. This is done to build a timeline. And in animatics, we turn static pictures from a storyboard into primary animation to understand the actions in the picture, the interaction of characters, scene changes and camera movements, as well as the distribution of time intervals of the entire cartoon. It's called an animatic. Here, the characters and backgrounds are still sketchy, but we distribute their movements and actions, create the timing of each scene so that in the end everything looks “alive” and beautiful.

5 Animation

Based on the draft animatic, animators begin to create color animation with already drawn characters, work out all the interactions in the plot. This stage can be considered the most capacious, because it is important not only to place the hero in the location, but to “revive” him in the frame, to make smooth movements, correct interaction with other heroes and objects. At the same time, musical accompaniment and sound effects (internoises) are created. Next comes the compositing and final editing of the scenes, the imposition of voice and music.

6 Checking and post-processing

At this stage, there is a check, finishing and “polishing” of various point moments in the cartoon. This can be adding additional sound effects or muting them for emotional effect. Here we are cleaning and checking the resulting cartoon so that it looks completely finished and pleases its viewer.