Creation of animated trailers and clips

What directly affects the success of a game or music video? Our animation studio "Media Osnova" knows firsthand: this is a bright trailer or teaser! A mini video that should hook you from the first seconds and keep you waiting, create excitement and a desire to download, watch as soon as possible. Trailers are an important part of marketing and product promotion. The success or failure of a game or video also depends on it. Essentially, a trailer is supposed to sell (think of ads and game trailers in mobile apps).

The trailer creation process is slightly different from the standard 2D and 3D animation technique. According to the execution technique, frame-by-frame 2D animation or 3D animation is more often used, depending on the specific tasks, budget and deadlines allotted for the project. Since frame-by-frame 2D animation looks more “live” and dynamic, with its own exceptional color and “taste”. Characters in the story can perform absolutely any action in space.

The stages of creating a trailer or teaser are similar to 2D and 3D animation: script, characters, 3D modeling, storyboard, animatic, music, animation, rendering, post-processing.

The production of an animated trailer has its own accents

- The script focuses on intrigue, spoilers should not be allowed. A potential client does not have to see everything at once. Also, one of the types of content in the trailer is selected: to show gameplay, an animated video to create an atmosphere, a part of the plot, or an infographic with benefits.

- Much attention is paid to sound accompaniment to create an atmosphere.

- Trailer scenes often have a lot of action and action, so the animation process is longer and more labor intensive.

Our animation studio will help make your project a success!