Creation of animated corporate videos

Animation is no longer just cartoons for entertainment or advertising, it is a fully-fledged corporate tool. How organizations can use animated videos:

- Storytelling and presentation of the company or branch;
- Presentation of a new product or better products;
- Information or training videos;
- Safety videos;
- Congratulatory videos for organizations, bosses and others.

Animation is always more fun than listing dry facts, it also attracts attention and gives a greater percentage of information absorption. Our animation studio "Media Osnova" produces corporate videos for any purpose.


The value of animated corporate videos

1. Animation attracts attention and it is able to hold it longer than a regular video;
2. The ease and simplicity of perception of the animated video provides full information and learning;
3. Animated video reduces the time for assimilation of information. For example, a visual presentation or report requires reading and analyzing various indicators, while an animation will show everything visually and explain in an accessible and attractive way;
4. Animated image video can become a visualization of your brand, show corporate colors, logo and other brand features that are easy to remember.